About Mayville High School Student Council
  • The Student Council includes representatives of each High School class that have been voted on each year by their respective classmates
  • We are responsible for all Homecoming and Snowcoming events
  • We organize several student events throughout the year (i.e. Talent Shows, Food Drives, etc.)
  • We are a safe place where students can have a say into the school climate
  • We strive to make Mayville Schools the leader in our educational community
Meeting Dates
  • Meeting dates are Wednesday mornings at 7:10 AM during the month prior to Homecoming and Snowcoming.
  • Meeting dates become bi-weekly after these events.
Mayville M Logo
6250 Fulton St., Mayville, MI 48744
Phone: 989-843-6115 - Fax: 989-843-6988