Mayville Board of Education Members
  • Ron Johnson, President - 1/2023 to 12/2026
  • Cindy Coxe, Vice-President - 1/2021 to 12/2024
  • Sherri Richards, Secretary - 1/2023 to 12/2026
  • Carlene Emmons, Treasurer - 1/2021 to 12/2024
  • Sherry Bodeis, Trustee - 1/2023 to 12/2026
  • Jeanine Langmaid, Trustee - 1/2021 to 12/2024
  • Nathan Phillips, Trustee - 1/2023 to 12/2026
Board Information
Mayville Board of Education Meeting Procedures
The Board of Education is a seven-member legislative body elected by residents of the school district. The board includes a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and three trustees. These positions are elected annually by board members at the first (organizational) meeting in January. The school board is responsible for local school matters established by the State Legislature and the State Board of Education. The school board determines general policies for the management, care, and control of the district’s schools and programs. The school board delegates authority to the superintendent and administrative staff to operate the schools according to these policies.
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