Mayville Middle School Student of the Month
December 2021
Payton Mitchell is the granddaughter of Ronda and Larry Wheaton. She is a wonderful student, both inside and outside of the classroom. She participates in Volleyball, Basketball and Softball, contributing greatly to all of these teams. In the classroom, she often contributes in positive ways, whether offering a thoughtful response in a class discussion or helping her classmates when needed. In class we also enjoy her sense of humor and artistic skills! In her freetime Payton loves to draw and cook. When she is older she hopes to become a DNR officer or a physical therapist.

October 2021

Congratulations, James Roy, one of our 6th grade students of the month for October.  James is the son of Tammy and Jim Roy and the brother of Jaydyn Roy, a junior in high school. 

While the transition from elementary to Middle school is often a tough one for some students, James has taken it in stride.  He has been very conscientious with getting all his work done and strives to do the best he can.  Outside of school James practices Martial Arts in Vassar and likes to collect War Artifacts.  It’s not a surprise that his favorite subject in school is Social Studies. His favorite thing about the middle school so far, is gym and lunch, of course!  When asked about words of Wisdom to future 6th graders.  “Make sure you get a big enough backpack!!”

In the future James says he has a few ideas for things he might like to try.  First he would like to join the army, but then either become a DNR officer or a Police Officer.  Whatever his choice we are confident he will excel. 

Congratulations James on a great start to Middle School!!

The 6th grade teachers are excited to announce that Carli Fox is one of the 6th grade students of the month for October.  Carli is the daughter of Sonya and Carl Fox, and the sister of Alicia and Ashton Diller. Carli has had a great start to her Middle School Years, not only has she impressed her teachers with her outstanding work ethic and drive to do well, but she was also selected by her peers to serve as a member of the student council.  Carli was unable to narrow down her favorite subject as she said she enjoys learning about everything and one of her hobbies is even studying human facts.  This will be helpful in starting her on her path to becoming a Nurse Practitioner.  Which she said she would like to do because she likes helping people.

Outside of the classroom Carli is very active. She enjoys sports and can be found participating in Softball, Volleyball, and Basketball.  She also plays the piano and shows her horse, Sweet Pea, in 4-H.  When asked about her favorite thing about Middle School so far, she had plenty to share!  “We have more freedom, I like switching classes and there are more sports options.”

Congratulations Carlie on starting things off on the right foot!!

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