Mayville Middle School Student of the Month
November 2023

Lucy Hawe has been nominated as the female representative for the 7th grade student of the month. Lucy is the daughter of Melanie Hawe, and is one of 7 children. Her 3 brothers are Parker, Brandon, and William; her 3 sisters are Madison, Lexie, and Tara. Lucy is interested in playing softball and volleyball, and any kind of art. Her favorite subject in school is reading because she enjoys writing about different topics. Lucy’s favorite thing about middle school is being around all of her friends. Her advice for future middle school wildcats is to pay attention and to not be scared. Lucy’s career aspiration is to become a cosmetologist that does it all - hair, nails, skin care; the works! Lucy has been nominated our the female representative for student of the month because of her well-rounded personality and performance as a student. Lucy remains focused in class, uses her time wisely, and lends a helping hand to those who need it without expecting anything in return. Whenever she is confronted with an issue, she doesn’t shy away and problem solves to make sure that she overcomes it. She is a kind and understanding young lady to both her friends and teachers, and wears a smile every day. Lucy strives to be her best every day as a student and as a maturing young lady and we are proud to have her in our classes. Keep being awesome, Lucy!

Tanner Raby has been nominated as the 7th grade male representative for student of the month. Tanner is the son of Katie Raby and has no siblings. He is a friendly and active young man who is interested in football, hunting deer, and fishing. Tanner played on the middle school football team this past season and quickly became a well-liked member of the team. In school, his favorite subject is math because learning how to properly multiply has made everything else easier for him. Tanner’s favorite thing about middle school is being able to share it with friends. For any future middle schoolers, Tanner’s advice is to “not be scared, simply make a lot of friends, and to remember to have fun!” His future aspirations include becoming a diesel mechanic for Ford, or joining Major League Baseball as a member of the Detroit Tigers. Tanner has been selected as our student of the month for his positive attitude and friendly disposition. Everyone can talk to, hang out with, and joke with Tanner and feel accepted, which is a hard thing to find in middle school. He works hard on his assignments and understands that there is a time and place for friends, and the same applies to his school work. Tanner is considerate of others - teachers and peers alike - and has quickly become a well-liked member of the Wildcat family. Keep up the awesome work, Tanner!


October 2023

Olivia Carey has been nominated by all the 6th grade teachers as our female representative for students of the month. Olivia is the daughter of Shaune and Ean Carey, and the sister to Kali, Racheal, Logan, and Nathan. Olivia’s hobbies include cheerleading on the JV team and playing volleyball. She also enjoys her family movie nights. Her favorite subject in school is reading because of her teacher and her confidence in her ability to understand the information and is interested in the different stories that she gets to read. Her favorite thing about middle schools is not having to walk in a single file anymore, having locks on her locker, and having comfortable seats to eat lunch in. Olivia’s advice for future middle school students is to wear deodorant (a lot of it), and to have a homework folder to make sure the work is not forgotten. Her career goal for the future is to be a photographer of any subject matter, and specifically enjoys the editing process even though it makes her impatient at times. Olivia is a very driven individual who remains focused in class and works hard to maintain good grades. She is always willing to participate and is respectful to her peers and teachers. She is accepting, kind, and considerate, making her a friend to all. Olivia is also responsible and ensures that she represents herself in a way she and her family can be proud of. We are so excited to have Olivia in our classes setting a great example for the other middle school students, and are delighted to have her as our female student of the month. Keep it up, Olivia!

Alec Smith has been nominated by all the teachers in 6th grade as our male representative for student of the month. Alec is the son of Dennis and Shannon Brown, and is the brother to Bentley Smith and Lucianna Brown. Alec is a kind, focused, and funny young man who enjoys coloring and playing football. He is a nose guard and defensive lineman for our JV Wildcats football team and proudly wears the #68. Alec’s favorite subject in school is gym because he enjoys being active and finds it fun. His favorite thing about school is that he doesn’t have teachers following him around everywhere. Alec’s advice for future middle schoolers is that it is more fun than elementary school, but you’re not as powerful. Alec’s future career goal is to be a veterinarian and work with household pets such as dogs and cats. Alec has been selected as the student of the month for his kind and hard-working demeanor. Being the “new kid” is always a difficult situation but it did not slow Alec down. Alec puts forth his best effort and remains focused when completing his assignments, works well in a group, and is a calm energy to the chaos that comes with 6th grade. Alec also advocates for himself and asks questions whenever needed. His willingness to always try, respectful disposition, and “never-give-up” mindset are just a few of the reasons the teachers unanimously nominated Alex as the male student of the month. Welcome to the wildcat family; we are very proud of you!

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