Now Accepting Bids
Now Accepting Bids!
Mayville Community School District (the District) is accepting bids for Electric Vehicle chargers and/or related installation.
The District is looking for various charging infrastructure recommendations/bids for two Blue Bird Vision Conventional Electric School Buses. Preference will be given to chargers participating in the DTE E-Fleets Rebate program. At least one DCFC charger requested in bid documentation.
Interested parties can bid on charging stations, installation, or both.
Additional specifications can be obtained from Tom Walker at
Site visitation available by appointment on March 20th – March 22nd.
Sealed bids must be submitted to
Barry Markwart, Superintendent
Mayville Community Schools
6250 Fulton Street
Mayville, MI 48744

Bids must be submitted by 2:00 pm on Monday, April 3, 2023.
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