All Time Hall of Tame Inductees
Individual Athletes/Coaches
Bob Weaver
William Lamiman
Norman Duncan
Roy Gotham
Tom Topham
Larry Lamiman
Clare Kreger
Al Fox
Mick Walker
Jim Plain
Louis Hamilton

Bob Sugden
Lori (Diegel) Aragona
Ed LaBair
Dave Patterson
Curt Henderson
Nick Alfano

Raymond Beach
Joe Fowler
Mark McLane
Polly Lieber


1949 Boys Baskerball
1970 Boys Cross Country
1972 Boys Basketball
1973 Boys Basketball
1975 Poys Cross Country

1954 Basketball
1974 Volleyball

1986 Football
1987 Football
1987 Baseball
1988 Baseball
1989 Baseball
At Large

Doug Foote
Rosie Yens
Garry Osowski

Frank Pliska
Glen Friday
Al Friday

Tim Barteld
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